Something Neat XVIII: Minder Comix

More like Something Weird 😉

Minder comix!  Who would have guessed such things existed?  They seem to be very independently produced as I somehow doubt ITV nor Euston Films would be involved with this labor of love (I think it’s love).

Source: London Loves Comics

Its Terry!  Source: London Loves Comics

I really don’t know to describe them.  They are, ostensibly, comics based on the television series Minder, but they seem to have their own distinctly warped flavor.

The art reminds me of Basil Wolverton which is to say it is weird.  The lead artist is some guy who calls himself Lord Hurk (or maybe that is his real name!?!) and he has an interesting outlook on the beloved characters. DC Jones and Terry don’t look human at all. Terry looks like a ridiculous oaf, and Jones is drawn like a friendly dog.  Hmmm.  I think he is saying something about their characters there.

Source: London Loves Comics

Chisholm looks best.
Source: London Loves Comics

Chisholm however appears properly human and certainly looks the best out of the gang, as he always does.  He doesn’t look as good as Patrick Malahide, of course.

There is a little more information from Fancy Butcher Press where you can get a look at another gruesome take on Terry. This time he is doing his champion boxer pose.  RFodchuk astutely noted they got Terry’s little Dutch boy hairdo right. 😉

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