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Admin:  There is a fascinating blog about a very impressive VHS collection called VHistory.  Tape #1660 covers the 1994 Bafta Production Awards and features a very sharp looking Patrick Malahide who is presenting “Best Television Drama Serial”.  Prime Suspect 3 won and Helen Mirren fans rejoiced!  You can read about the other awards and their winners here. He looks great in his tux!

Patrick Malahide presenting Best Television Drama Serial for the 1994 Bafta Production Awards. Source: VHISTORY

RF:  Coincidentally, at around the same time, I happened across this rather nice “Inspector Alleyn Mysteries” publicity still of Mr. Malahide as Chief Inspector Roderick Alleyn on the TV24.co.uk site.  The original had been flipped horizontally (his pocket handkerchief was on the wrong side), so we’ve flipped it back to its proper orientation.  Not  a tux, but he’s still unquestionably sharp-dressed.  😉

Impeccably attired and ready to do some sleuthing<br>(Image source: /tv24.co.uk)

Impeccably attired and ready to do some sleuthing
(Image source:  tv24.co.uk)

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