Random Malahide Picture 2

I happened across this as I was surfing last night – click for a larger version:

Malahide Hamlet dress rehearsal
It’s Mr. Malahide as Claudius in dress rehearsal for the National Theatre’s 2010 production of “Hamlet“, with Ophelia (Ruth Negga) giving him a rather crazy-eyed stare and Gertrude (Claire Higgins) looking on somewhat askance.  Original photo found on the National Theatre Live site.

In the actual production, Claudius wears an exquisitely tailored business suit (as befits a megalomaniacal dictator), but I kinda like the casual look here…  Hey, he’s the king, he should be able to wear what he wants.  😉  Admin and I were speculating that that Black Book under his arm probably contains the names of those troublesome individuals he’s prioritized for bumping off.  His expression does seem to suggest he’s reconsidering if he truly wants Ophelia as his niece stepdaughter-in-law.  I really hope the filmed version of the play is shown in my area.

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