Questions We’d Like to Ask Mr. Malahide

So Fearless Admin and I have been pondering…  if we ever got the chance, by some amazing stroke of luck, and once we recovered from swooning, what are some questions we’d like to ask Mr. Malahide?  Nothing weird, we promise!

RFodchuk:  Okay, I’ll start.

I’d like to know… what induces him to accept a role.  Is it a quality of the story, or the character, or both?  The chance to work with a certain director and/or co-stars?  Or is it just evaluating whatever comes down the pike and deciding if it interests him enough to take it on?  By those lights (and maybe this counts as two questions) what induces him to turn down a role?  Has he ever turned down a role he’s later wished he accepted, or vice versa?

He's still one of our favourites.  :-)   Patrick Malahide as Alfred Jingle - Questions We'd Like to Ask Mr. Malahide

He’s still one of our favourites. 🙂

Is Alfred Jingle still his favourite role?  😉

What sort of inspirations or models does he draw on for deciding how he approaches characters?  Okay, that’s pretty open-ended…  I imagine the answer could vary from historical to literary to current real-life figures and everything in between.  A better question might be… when he looks at a character he’s going to play, how does he decide what inspirations or models would suit that character best, and what facets to incorporate?

Clothes make the man - or the man makes the clothes.

Clothes make the man – or the man makes the clothes.

Does he prefer period and/or costume drama to contemporary or the other way around, and why?  Or are all jobs simply jobs, with the costuming only a tool?  Does the costume (if the character has a specific way of dressing) help him get a better handle on the character and inhabit the role?  Or does it not matter at all, whatever the character might be wearing?

Admin: And my would-be questions

A meeting of minds, maybe

Become an actor and enjoy gorgeous filming locations.

He has worked in a lot of amazingly beautiful locations as evidenced in projects like December Bride and the upcoming Indian Summers, so what are the places that really stood out for him and was he able to get a chance to enjoy his surroundings or is it all work, work, work, waiting for shoots and focusing on the character at hand?

What actors or actresses inspire him?  Who does he enjoy watching and analyzing?


Balon has feelings too, you know.

He often plays villains, but most of his villains have a very sympathetic side.  Uncle Ebenezer, Balon Greyjoy (not really a villain, imo, but he’s often considered one), and Jack Turner could have all been played as straight-up bad or one-dimensional goons but instead they have massive amounts of emotional depth often conveyed simply by facial expressions.  Does all that come through because he’s decided they are to have real human emotions as opposed to a directorial decision? Or perhaps it is a bit of both.

If the money falls into the wrong hands, it would be put to the most terrible, horrible purposes.

He makes Gomez Addams look like Mr. Bean.

Is he going to narrate any more vintage horror stories?  I love those things. 🙂  Also, would he like to appear in a gothic horror film or television program in any capacity (hero or villain)?  That genre  isn’t  everyone’s cup of poisoned tea and might not be his, but I think he would rock it to perfection.

RF:  I think it’s very likely that we may come up with more questions, so this might be part one of a series.

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