Patrick Malahide Narrating Classic Railway Murders


Classic Railway Murders

Classic Railway Murders

Patrick Malahide has narrated a number of audio books. His mellifluous voice combined with his mastery of accents makes him the perfect candidate for narration. His ability to smoothly alter his voice in order to switch between characters of any region, class, age or gender is wonderful. And he can really tell a story.

Classic Railway Murders is a collection of railroad mysteries, all set in the age of steam, that gives him ample opportunity to display his talent. These old-fashioned, mostly Edwardian,  tales mix cozy atmospheres with not so cozy murders. The characters range from upper class ladies and gentlemen, to railway workers, rural police men, city elites, and anything in between. What they all have in common is that in some way or another they are involved directly or indirectly with rail based murder. Malahide’s warm and slightly raspy voice is ideal for setting cozy scenes with more than just a hint of menace.

Classic Railway Murders is available on iTunes for a very reasonable $5.95. There are four stories with a total running time of 2 hr 45 minutes. The stories are as follows:

The Mysterious Death on the Underground Railway by Baroness Orczy
run-time 45:41       Polly meets a mysterious stranger who tells her a story about a woman found dead in a train’s sleeping car….and he knows who did it.

The Mysterious Railway Passenger by Maurice Leblanc
run-time 38:41   An Arsène Lupin, the gentlman thief,  adventure.

A Warning in Red by Victor L. Whitechurch and E. Conway
Run-time 22:47   The color red becomes a portent of death on the railway

The Mystery of the Sleeping Car Express by Freeman Wills Crofts
Run-time 57:54    In 1909 a married couple were murdered in a sleeping car, but  there was no killer to be found.  Years later, the mystery is solved.

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