Patrick Malahide BBC London 94.9 Radio – Recap

Patrick Malahide appeared last month, April 19th, on the Gaby Roslin radio show on BBC London 94.9. He was on for three hours with her other guests (Stacey Solomon, Jules Knight, Kimberley Wilson, and Anne Reid) so the conversation was loose and informal. This won’t be a transcript since it was just too fiddly to do that. Instead it will be a paraphrased recap.

Gaby Roslin mentioned Mr. Malahide’s beautiful voice (and rightfully so), “you could ask anybody to do anything and they’d do it.” “Really?” Surely he wasn’t surprised? He joked, “I wish you’d told me that earlier.”

Stacy Solomon sang her song “Shy.” PM said that she reminds him of a young Carole King. She really liked that 🙂

Big finish: ♪ "And still the notes “God save the Queen" / Be blent wi' Auld lang Syne.” ♫

Doing a spot of singing here:
♪ “And still the notes “God save the Queen” /
Be blent wi’ Auld lang Syne.” ♫

Then they played Jules Knight’s song “It’s Only Life.” PM was asked if he sang. He said he’d really like to be able to sing. He did when he was very young, singing treble in choir, but when his voice broke he was pushed into tenor too quickly and it didn’t quite gel. Jules Knight said that sometimes to happens to boys when their voices break.

They talked a bit about “celebrity” and PM pointed out that when he was doing Minder, it was regularly getting ratings of about 16 million which is simply tremendous, especially by today’s standards. He would often be called out “OI! Chisholm” on the streets.

I wonder if he loves to boogie?

I wonder if he loves to boogie?

Gaby played “I Love to Boogie” by T-Rex. Jules Knight pointed out that it was on the Billy Elliot soundtrack. PM played the ballet school principal (clip here) in the film and was an “obstacle” Billy had to overcome.

Kimberley Wilson, from the Great British Bake Off,  discussed her Glamorous Jam Company. PM seemed very intrigued by the unique flavor pairings blackberry & amaretto (that does sound good) and orange & cardamon. Gaby noticed PM was giving

Multi-tasking by half-listening to Barbara while measuring everything very carefully.

Making some slightly less glamorous jam.

the jam jars some very meaningful looks. 🙂

Kimberley Wilson talked about interesting news stories, including one about a company that can tell people how interesting or trustworthy their voices are. Gaby said that PM has a trustworthy voice.  Oh, he totally does!  That’s part of what makes him such a star with audio books!  Jules Knight mentioned how many villains PM has played.  Hey!  He plays good guys too!

Skipling: "Do you believe me?" Sarge: "No."

He’s “Barkshar’s” finest 

Gaby asked if they (the acting establishment) tried to drum out accents. PM said that when he was young he had a Berkshire (Barkshar) accent, but he lost it in order to fit in at school.  I think he must have recalled his Berkshire accent when he played the sarcastic desk sergeant in Armchair Thriller.

They talked about natural, non-processed foods. PM discussed his recent birthday party (Gaby asked if he was 30, and he said, “bless you” – that was so cute) and he said he had about 20 guys there and it was absolutely brilliant with plenty of good food and they also opened a few bottles of wine.

Stacy Solomon talked about her kids and how she keeps her work separate from her home life. PM said that when his daughter was very little she was asked about what her dad did, she said, “he plays silly-billies in the theatre.”  Awwww.

Lord W.: "How old are you?" Ralph: "Thirty." Lord W.: "Already? My God."

Lord Willingdon rocking the pith helmet.

He then talked about Indian Summers, saying how all the characters were fictional apart from Lord Willingdon who, of course, was the real Viceroy of India at the time. He said that he had virtually no time to research the real man. It was basically just get your shots and get on a plane to Malaysia. Jules Knight concurred about how late projects are often cast.

Indian Summers is set in Simla, India, but filmed in Penang, Malaysia. That is because modern Simla is not suitable. Penang has a huge Indian population with downtown Georgetown being a World Heritage Site with its many colonial buildings.

As forensics boffin Mason, telling Regan (John Thaw) that there's thousands of dabs on a stolen lorry. Very interesting hair. Nice Scottish accent, though. ;-)

“Are you sure this isn’t the Minder set?” 

They then played the Sweeney theme song. For a while there I thought Gaby Roslin had gotten The Sweeney and Minder muddled, but she hadn’t. Maybe the BBC didn’t want to pay Dennis Waterman royalties for the Minder feem toon. 😉  PM was only in one episode of The Sweeney, although he also appeared in one of its early theatrical releases.  He played a very, very cute Scottish forensic scientist.

She talked about how PM has been in loads of projects with a long career. He said that he keeps cracking on really and doesn’t think of it as a career. He talked about having the ability to say “yes or no” to any given project. He said he says “no” more these days since his kids are grown up and he doesn’t have the same financial responsibilities. I hope he doesn’t say “no” too often 😮  New projects are great!

Ladies want him... Men want to be him. He's the Most Interesting Man in Victorian England.

Damn straight!

Jules asked him what his favorite role was. He said it was playing Mr. Jingle in the 1984 adaptation of The Pickwick Papers. Excellent choice! Of course, RFodchuk was especially delighted to learn that. 😉

Mr. Malahide seems very grounded as an actor and doesn’t allow stardom to infiltrate his life. He set out as a director, starting in St. Andrews as Stage Manager at the Byre Theatre. He’d take the odd role, but still had to lower the curtain. So,

Talking about Byre Theatre

Talking about Byre Theatre. What a cutie!

he used “the butler’s exit” in which he would contrive (in a sort of ad lib) to excuse himself off stage. He again specified that he doesn’t let acting infringe on his life. For example, at his birthday party there were no actors. There was a wine merchant, judge, soldier, and horse trainer.

TV critic James Frampton rang in to talk about the current television shows. He complimented PM’s work as Balon Greyjoy and said he is enjoying Indian Summers and said it is beautiful and ambitious. PM said he’s about to go out in a few weeks to begin shooting series 2 of Indian Summers.

"The boy's a fool!" Way harsh, dude! True, but way harsh!

Balon’s alive and kicking (puppies)!

Frampton said that both he and his daughter are big fans of Game of Thrones. PM verified that Balon Greyjoy, at the time of the interview at least, is still alive. He said that it is an extraordinary program, but he’d not known of it until he was asked to play Lord of the Iron Islands.

PM told a cute story of being in a restaurant in Suffolk. The waiter came up and said “Winter is coming.” He should have said, “We do not sow.” 😉

pickwick papers jingle smirk

“Phpppt. Poldark? More like Pol-DORK!”

Frampton also talked about how Poldark (which, alas, does not feature PM – next series maybe 😉 ) being a popular show. PM called it PolDARRK. Jules Knight said he’d like to be in it and PM said “get your kit off” in reference to the stories on Aiden Turner’s chest being a ratings draw. Jules recalled how Gaby said people will do anything PM tells them to do. 😀

Gaby Roslin has a segment devoted to people with unusual collections. She had a Mark Jacobs who collects old telephone

"I'd rather nick you on something more telephones."

“You can’t even play Flappy Bird on it?”

cards.  These were used long before the days of iPhones.  PM asked, “so, is there any credit left on them?” 🙂 Mark also talked about a magazine on telephone cards that he edited. PM was interested in that and curious as to whether it was collectible on its own. I’m sure it is.

Last Tango in Halifax actress Anne Reid was introduced to talk about her cabaret show. She’s had a long and varied television career, even longer than Patrick’s. 🙂 She and PM talked about watching themselves on screen. PM said one of the first times he was on screen he thought he had been so cool and casual, but when he saw himself he realized he’d had one eye half shut. He said he never watches himself on playback while he’s on set, but he’ll watch it when it’s airing.

Anne Reid talked about her childhood when she went to Simla. She’d heard about the monkeys visiting hotels, but when she got there they weren’t about. So, she and her father went to the jungle to tempt them back. They weren’t very popular after that because the monkeys are considered a pest.

Ralph: "He has no love of Gandhi." Lord W. [looking thoughtful]: "Invite them up."

“I just can’t see why it would prefer peanuts to chashews.”

PM then told a great story about his time in Malaysia. He and his wife were in their hotel room and he was having a snooze. Then he heard a shriek and woke up. A monkey was going through the mini-bar. It discarded the cashews but took the peanuts. Then it closed the door and went up to go through his wife’s handbag. The cabbie who took them to the hotel told them the way to get rid of a monkey is to point at it. So, they pointed at the monkey who just looked at them like, “yeah, what’s the problem?” I hope it didn’t take anything from the handbag! 😮

Anne Reid talked about her time on the soap opera Coronation Street. She said she and the other cast members was asked to turn the Blackpool Lights on. She talked about the crowds of people who showed up to see them. PM said that her castmate Philip Lowrie told him there were more people watching them turn on those lights than had come to see the Pope! It was testament to how popular Coronation Street was.

Binney makes a gruesome discovery

But, still….he does look pretty shifty.

They talked a bit about The Singing Detective and how it is one of the greatest pieces in television history. Anne Reid is a fan and spoke enthusiastically about it. PM talked about how The Singing Detective sex scenes actually raised questions in the House of Commons.  It must have been pretty weird, if not downright unsettling, for him having the government discuss his work like that.

By this time the show was wrapping up and they all had a sing-along to Dean Martin’s Just in Time. PM has a very nice voice!

It was a very fun and informal show, but Mr. Malahide revealed quite a lot during the three hours.  He seems very down-to-earth and well grounded.  He also seemed genuinely interested in the other guests and they in him which added to the program’s enjoyment.

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