Patrick Malahide as Lord Glendenning: The Paradise S01E03

Patrick Malahide as Lord Glendenning in The Paradise

“You raise a sufficient amount, you invest it wisely, and then Adler’s home may yet achieve the independence he hopes for.”

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A new co-production deal between BBC Worldwide America and Masterpiece will see two more U.K. titles coming to PBS. The Paradise is a rags-to-riches Victorian Era drama series set in Britain’s first department store. The Lady Vanishes is a 90-minute adaptation of the 1938’s Alfred Hitchcock thriller about a woman who gets caught up in a mysterious and menacing case of a missing person. The arrangement to bring the two shows to American audiences was put together by Jemma Adkins, Senior VP Sales and Co-Productions for BBC Worldwide America. Rebecca Eaton is the executive producer of Masterpiece, presented by WGBH Boston.

Good news! It probably also means there will be a Region 1 DVD release in addition to the Region 2 version blogged about earlier.

Episode 3 was a little light on Lord Glendenning moments but it had loads of development for other characters, including Katherine. I’ll just hit a few key points that I liked.

I love the Peter Adler character. He comes across as much nicer than Moray. Not that it is hard to do as Moray shows some very ugly colors. At one point, Moray makes light of Katherine’s desire to be a patroness for Adler’s orphanage, basically accusing her (in a backhanded, patronizing way) of being an airhead. Lord Glendenning let that comment slide; I think he did so to let it hang a bit and give Katherine a chance to fight back. Fights back she does, by suggesting Moray open a children’s department. She admits it is really Denise’s idea but makes even that sting a little. Watching Moray cringe with embarrassment amidst the laughter (Lord Glendenning’s loudest of all) was quite satisfying 🙂

Dudley was also wonderful. There is a scene in which Jonas is saying utterly wretched things about the foundlings, essentially tarring them with their parents’ alleged “sin”. After he stalks off, Dudley looks rather bemused and says, ” If ever I feel despondent I need only a minute in the company of Jonas and lo the clouds lift.” Ha!

Arthur, Miss Audrey, Uncle Edmond and Clara also got plenty of advancement in their storylines. Poor Clara’s story just seems to get more and more heartbreaking.

The teaser for next week shows Lord Glendenning growling at someone, “You will face who you are and what you do to people who love you!” It could be Katherine…but maybe not?

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