Media Anticipation for Indian Summers

Patrick Malahide as Lord Glendenning in The Paradise

“I don’t know who this Viceroy chappie is, but he looks devilishly handsome.”

It looks like 2015 will be a great year for television viewers, and Channel 4’s  Indian Summers (it will also air on PBS’ Masterpiece in the US) is one of the reasons why.

Christopher Stevens for  The Daily Mail: Is 2015 the Best Year for Telly Ever

She (Julie Walters) plays Cynthia , a grand British society lady in Simla, northern India, during the last days of the Raj. Set in 1932 against Himalayan scenery, Indian Summers is a ten-part saga in the tradition of The Jewel In The Crown. Patrick Malahide, Lord Glendenning in the BBC1 costume drama The Paradise, co-stars as the Viceroy.

The story traces the collapse of British rule and the emergence of Indian independence, seen from both sides, and opens with an assassination attempt — a dramatic beginning to a torrid tale.

and Kathy Griffiths for the South Wales Evening Post New on TV in 2015 – 10 of the best

Ten lavish episodes see this story of the final days of the Indian Raj unfold under the watchful eye of Julie Walters who heads the cast as Cynthia, the doyenne of the Royal Club. Set against a magnificent backdrop of the Himalayas and the tea plantations of Northern India in 1932 Simla, prides itself as ‘little England’ but it seems that the British hold on power is getting weaker as unrest grows among those seeking independence. Also starring Patrick Malahide.

 I can’t wait to see the Viceroy in action! 🙂


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