What is Next for Luther and George Cornelius?

The Mirror has a little article up today (June 19, 2019) with the rather lengthy title “Luther season 6: Release date, cast, plot, trailer, Netflix availability.”  Right now there is just a lot of speculation as to what is next for our rugged hero in the old coat with very little confirmation.  The popular opinion is that the next venture will be a cinematic one.

Luther series 5 ended with both DCI Luther and our favorite smart phone savvy Cockney crim being arrested for various wrongdoings.  Honestly, I’ve since lost count of everything they got up to, but it was a lot.  Fortunately, that means the chances are good that Patrick Malahide will reprise his role.

Patrick Malahide also ended the season with his character of crime lord George Cornelius behind bars, so he could make a comeback.

Whew!  Thank goodness for that because pretty much everyone else is either dead or mostly dead. They also posted this fetching photo of a rather fed-up looking George.  I’m pretty sure he’s just thinking about when he will be able to get his kip.  Unfortunately, it seems no one sleeps in the Luther-verse until they are ready for their final slumber, if you know what I mean.  Stay tuned!

He just wants his kip. Source: The Mirror

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