Something Neat XXXII: Elizabeth I Interview

Queenie [in deadly hiss]: "Who ordered this?" Walsingham [looking a wee bit afraid]: "I rather think you did, Majesty."

Sir Francis Walsingham:  Always on tenterhooks because of the Queen.

Below is a video of Patrick Malahide talking a little bit about the making of Elizabeth I.  He played Sir Francis Walsingham in the high-end HBO costume drama recapped here.  There is a longer video here.

Mr. Malahide talks a little bit about how two languages were spoken on set as the series was filmed in Lithuania.  He also talks about a very compelling scene in which the Queen relentlessly stampedes through several rooms after learning the Earl of Essex had left for Portugal without her permission.  The clip doesn’t show the part where she threw her shoe at Walsingham though.  😉

In the longer version of the video they say that her father, Henry VIII, had the privy council chamber built opposite his bedroom door.  He was a control freak and it allowed him quick access to see what was going on at any time.  Elizabeth I kept it that way, so they were able to use that set-up in the series for incredible dramatic effect.

As always, it is a real treat to hear Patrick Malahide speak in his own voice about his filming experiences.

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