What if Everyone in “The Pickwick Papers” was on Facebook? – Part 7

Previously in the “The Pickwick Papers Pastiche”, Mr. Pickwick and his faithful manservant, Sam Weller, had managed to track that nefarious cad, Alfred Jingle, and his slovenly minion, Job Trotter, as far as Ipswich.   Due to circumstances beyond his control and a poor sense of direction in hotel hallways, Mr. Pickwick mistakenly ended up in the room of an innocent lady, Miss Witherfield, while wearing all of his clothes (except his coat) and his nightcap.  This shocking incident (one of many where Pickwick and ladies are concerned!) led to the lady’s fiancé, Peter Magnus, challenging him to a duel.  Mr. Pickwick just seems to be a magnet for trouble – can he possibly survive a duel and track down that damned elusive Jingle?

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And now Pickwick and Tuppy have already been arrested!  Apologies to Charles Dickens for appropriating his creation, but hey, I’m sure he’d be flattered.  And apologies for the ads, those are Wall Machine’s idea.  Read on to find out what happens next…

Well, heartbreak and new romance everywhere!  Imposters exposed and and sent packing in disgrace! (Sort of – they didn’t look too worried.)  Although I have to wonder if Miss Nupkins really knows what she’s doing by dumping Fitz-Marshall Mr. Jingle and going back to Sidney Porkenham.   She probably won’t have to fight off lots of other ladies for his attention, but I suspect she’ll be disappointed when she realizes how boring her life has suddenly become.

After being told off in such grand style, will Jingle finally have learned his lesson?  Or could it be that he and Job won’t slink off quietly in disgrace like they’re supposed to, instead getting embroiled in some new schemes?  Will we ever see them again?

As for Pickwick, now that he’s achieved one of his ambitions in exposing Jingle, what could he possibly do for an encore?  Will he and the rest of the Pickwick Club manage to stay out of trouble over Christmas?  Will Tuppy ever find a date?  Will Mr. Winkle ever get to fight his own real duel?  Stay tuned to the next episode to find out!

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