What if Everyone in “The Pickwick Papers” was on Facebook? – Part 6

In the last installment of “The Pickwick Papers Pastiche”, Alfred Jingle had just acquired a manservant, the wily if filthy Job Trotter, and the two of them managed to entrap Mr. Pickwick in a girls’ school after midnight.  Far from being grateful, Mr. Pickwick and Sam Weller have both vowed revenge against the strolling actor and his devoted servant.  But the unfortunate Pickwick has troubles of his own concerning another woman, his former landlady, Mrs. Bardell.  Surely he won’t become entangled in any further problems as he pursues Mr. Jingle… will he?

pickwick_papers_pastiche6Apologies to Charles Dickens, but I think he’d like his guest-starring appearance.  The ads are Wall Machine’s idea, not mine, so just try to skim over those.  And now, read on…

Pickwick just can’t seem to resist interfering in romantic relationships, can he?  Heartbreak wherever he goes…  What will the fallout be from this latest escapade – which he will say was none of his fault, of course, even if he was caught in a strange woman’s bedroom wearing all of his clothes except his nightcap!  Shocking!  And these Pickwickians just can’t seem to avoid getting involved in duels over women!  Tsk, tsk, tsk.

As for Job Trotter and his handsome, charismatic master, what could they possibly be up to in Ipswich?  Surely nothing nefarious, we trust!  They’re probably just there for a Shakespeare revival or to read stories to homeless orphans or something equally wholesome and virtuous.  So, will Pickwick be forced to marry Mrs. Bardell or pay up in court?  And will he ever stop chasing the innocent, blameless Mr. Jingle?  Tune in to episode 7 to find out!

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