What if Everyone in “The Pickwick Papers” was on Facebook? – Part 4

Love is in the air in “The Pickwick Papers Pastiche” Part 4… or is it?  You can catch up with Parts 1, 2, and 3 first, or read the S01E04 recapWhen last seen, consummate charlatan Alfred Jingle had absconded with the naïve and perhaps ever-so-slightly matrimonially desperate Miss Rachel Wardle, all in the cause of True Love ™ (or Miss Rachel’s eventual inheritance, but let’s not be crass).  All they need is a marriage license!  Miss Rachel’s brother Mr. Wardle, Samuel Pickwick, and Mr. Perker (Pickwick’s lawyer) are hot on their trail, catching up to the lovebirds at an inn.  Surely Mr. Jingle will dare any obstacle, face any dragon, to be united with his lady love!

Pickwick Papers Pastiche previewMy apologies to Charles Dickens for appropriating his work, but I suspect he’d love Facebook.  Sorry about the ads; those are Wall Machine’s idea.  Read on…

Oh dear…  that didn’t turn out well for poor Miss Rachel.  🙁  Maybe Tuppy’s still available.  What’s next for Jingle now that he’s £120 richer and has a spiffy new military uniform?  Are any (rich) maidens in England safe from his predations?  Or are they actually in more danger from surprise-ladykiller Mr. Pickwick?  Will the Pickwickians ever recover from Mrs. Leo Hunter’s poetry recital?  And will they ever catch up to the incredibly dashing Charles Fitz-Marshall?  These questions and more may be answered when you stay tuned for part 5…

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