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Indian Summers to Premier Feb 15th in UK..

Click the above link to get some fantastic Indian Summers information.  Photographer Matt Brandon has taken some amazing photos of the cast.  Click here for my very favorite 😉  That pith helmet — I love it!  Now I really can’t wait to see this series!  Patrick Malahide looks fantastic.

From the article linked above:

Speaking of actors, everyone of these actors on the set of Indian Summers was a pleasure to photograph.  Even the seasoned actors like Patrick Malahide would often take time out of resting between takes and allow me to photograph him over and over again. Personally I would have told myself to shove off!

Well, I’m sure the cast were very pleased posing for the photographs because Mr. Brandon is clearly extremely talented and professional.  Of course, he certainly had great material to work with — especially with that Viceroy.

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