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Villains Whose Plans Didn’t Quite Come Together (Played by Patrick Malahide)

Into everyone’s life, a little rain must fall…  It’s sad but true that more than a few of the villains played by Patrick Malahide have been forced to endure the humiliation of their plans not coming together.  They can have … Continue reading

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Malahide Characters’ Ideal Christmas

As we approach Christmas, RFodchuk and I thought it would be fun to think about what sort of Christmas activities and traditions our favourite Patrick Malahide characters might indulge in.  Are they as jolly and loving as Saint Nick himself … Continue reading

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Favouritest Grabs Ever – Fourth Edition

It’s been a while, so Admin and I thought we’d do another edition of our Favouritest Grabs Ever, the first for 2016.  As usual, we are featuring grabs we thought were especially appealing, interesting, or entertaining, and why. RF’s Picks: … Continue reading

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Patrick Malahide as Professor Fisher in “The 39 Steps”

In the BBC’s 2008 remake of “The 39 Steps“, Patrick Malahide plays Professor Fisher, your everyday castle-dwelling denizen of the Scottish Highlands who turns out to be a suave, biplane-owning, castle-dwelling superspy in disguise.  Unfortunately for us, he’s on the … Continue reading

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