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Questions We’d Like to Ask… Malahide Characters

A couple of years ago, Fearless Admin and I wrote about some questions we’d like to ask Mr. Malahide.  Admin recently had the great idea of expanding that notion a little further:  what about questions we’d like to ask Mr. … Continue reading

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Analysis of a Scene XXVI: Chisholm and British Telecom

RFodchuk and I have been going through a bit of Chisholm withdrawal, so we decided to revisit one of our favorite Chisholm moments.  This is from “Life in the Fast Food Lane” (recapped here).  Chisholm *knows* that Arthur Daley has … Continue reading

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Wished for Roles 11: Another Co-Stars Edition

Sometimes when we watch a television program or a movie, we sometimes see actors who we think would really gel well with Patrick Malahide.  We’ve done a post like this before.  So why not do it again? 😉 The Wished … Continue reading

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Wished For Roles 8: Chisholm Who?

We here at the Appreciation can’t help but think the execs might have been a bit hasty in casting Peter Capaldi as the Doctor.  Isn’t there someone else eminently qualified to step out of a police box? C’mon, Chisholm would … Continue reading

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Patrick Malahide as Rev. Sorleyson in December Bride

In 1991, Patrick Malahide appeared as Rev. Edwin Sorleyson in the Irish film December Bride. We have covered Rev. Sorleyson a bit in the Tale of Three Clergymen post, but he is worth a revisit. Plus, it is a good … Continue reading

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Something Neat XV – And Patrick Malahide in Life in the Fast Food Lane

Minder S06E02, Life in the Fast Food Lane is a mixed bag.  But first –  Something Neat We’ve Found.   When Peter Capaldi landed the role of the Doctor, Digital Spy posted 12 Awesome Photos.  Below is the most awesome one.  … Continue reading

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Couple of The Paradise Tidbits and Banner Page update

First, I’ve added a few new banners. All banners can be seen on the Banner Art page. From the Sunderland Echo’s webiste: Among the stars filming on Wearside for the next few weeks is Ben Daniels, who is in the … Continue reading

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Patrick Malahide in The Secret Agent

In 1994, Patrick Malahide appeared as Assistant Commissioner in a BBC production of Joseph Conrad’s The Secret Agent. This is not a very easy production to find, but I was able to purchase a DVD (for Region 2) off of … Continue reading

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