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Analysis of a Scene XXXIV: A Library Tryst in “Boon: In It for the Monet”

And now for something completely different!  In 1989, Patrick Malahide played the caddish Art History professor, Dr. Michael Harrison, in the S04E07 episode of “Boon”, titled “In It for the Monet“.   The eponymous Ken Boon (Michael Elphick), a retired firefighter … Continue reading

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Modern-Day Cads (Played by Patrick Malahide)

As with his Obsessed, Forties, and Clergymen characters, Patrick Malahide has played a number of… shall we say, not completely trustworthy individuals (especially if one happens to be a woman) in his career, and has done it very well.  In … Continue reading

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Patrick Malahide as Dr. Michael Harrison in “Boon” – “In It for the Monet”, S04E07

And now, for a time warp back to the Big Eighties – 1989, to be precise – as Patrick Malahide portrays Dr. Michael Harrison in the S04E07 episode of the series, “Boon“, titled “In It for the Monet”.   It’s a … Continue reading

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