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Guys With Terrible Game (Played by Patrick Malahide)

It’s hard to believe, but for a gentleman who’s played all manner of cads (both Classic and Modern) in his career, Mr. Malahide has also played a few gentlemen who… let’s face it… have terrible game.  By this, we mean … Continue reading

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The Year in Malahide: Characters of 2012

Well, we’ve been in production here as a joint effort for six months now (yaaaaayy!!), though of course fearless Admin has been at it somewhat longer than me ( 😉 ). It seems as good a time as any to … Continue reading

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Patrick Malahide as Jeremy Boynton in Inspector Morse: Driven to Distraction

Patrick Malahide appeared in the S04E03 of Inspector Morse, in January 1990. A full 12 years before his Endeavour appearance (read about that here). The characters, though, do have some striking similarities. They are both smug, sexually oleaginous creeps who … Continue reading

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Patrick Malahide in Endeavour

In early 2012, Patrick Malahide appeared as Sir Richard Lovell in the Inspector Morse prequel Endeavour.  Lovell is a slimy politician who attends illicit sex parties, conjuring up shades of the Profumo Affair. This was not Malahide’s first appearance in … Continue reading

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