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Our Favourite Deaths (Played by Patrick Malahide) – Part One

So as usual when Fearless Admin and I get to thinking, we come up with some interesting ideas.  And this idea had its basis in the fact that some – more than a few, actually – of Mr. Malahide’s characters … Continue reading

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Something Neat XXXIII: Two Quick Reviews

I recently happened across a couple of interesting reviews of two war dramas featuring Mr. Malahide while surfing around late one night.  These reviews aren’t new, but they’re new to me and I figured they’re worth mentioning since they highlight … Continue reading

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Favouritest Grabs Ever – Fifth Edition

What’s Going On in This Picture? When you have as many grabs as we do, you may as well go for a Favouritest Grabs Ever – Fifth Edition. Admin’s Picks: What’s Going On in This Picture? Admin:  This is from … Continue reading

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Patrick Malahide as Capt. Claude Howlett in All the King’s Men

All the Kings Men – The Sandringham Company Patrick Malahide played battalion doctor Capt. Claude Howlett in the 1999 television production of All the King’s Men.  It is based on the WWI tragedy of the men from the King’s estate … Continue reading

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