The Singing Detective at the British Film Institute

Patrick Malahide as Mark Finney in Singing Detective 08

“Hey, Mark. Want to celebrate with a cinema?”

The British Film Institute will be airing The Singing Detective on Sunday 26 July 2015 11:00.  Click here for more information.

This is your chance to experience the series that’s widely regarded as Potter’s finest achievement, screened over the course of one day. The Singing Detective blends elements of psychological thriller and film noir with familiar Potter themes of sexual guilt and writer’s block as we’re taken on the most incredible journey of the inner psyche of Philip Marlow (Gambon) as he lies stricken by extreme psoriasis, a debilitating condition from which Potter himself suffered. In entering Marlow’s feverish mind, Potter creates some of the most memorable images and routines ever realised in TV drama.
+ Q&A with Alison Steadman, Janet Suzman, Jon Amiel (via Skype), writer Peter Bowker and Kenith Trodd

It's a wascally wabbit.

“Sorry, I can’t afford the BFI so this will have to do.”

I know Patrick Malahide has taken part in other The Singing Detective panels, but, unfortunately, he doesn’t appear to be in this one.  Still, it ought to be a fascinating discussion.

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