Something Neat! Patrick Malahide / Lovejoy Article

I recently found this great article from 1991 on Twitter courtesy of Cathode Ray’s vintage television listings feed.  The article references Patrick Malahide’s wonderful portrayal as Sir Hugo Carey-Holden in “Lovejoy” (recapped here) among several other roles he is famous for.  Of course, they have to mention “that scene” from “The Singing Detective.”  There is more to that brilliant groundbreaking drama than that scene folks!  Mr. Malahide’s quip “It’s a measure of my progress that I’m now getting to play the parts with hair,” is great.  Of course, he later went on to play Inspector Alleyn who is indeed a far cry from the bald headed (more like receding a little, surely) and steely eyed Chisholm.  But, we love them both equally. 🙂

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