Something Neat III: Inspector Alleyn Mysteries Poster

This is a rather small “Something Neat”.  🙂   I was browsing images one day when I happened across this old poster for the “Inspector Alleyn Mysteries“, from its first run on PBS when it was introduced by Diana Rigg.  Click for a larger size:

Inspector Alleyn Mysteries poster

The poster is no longer available on the site where I found it; it was an original being offered for sale at $195 U.S. and presumably someone has snatched it up.  I’m jealous.  😉

I really like the art deco style, plus it’s an extremely good likeness of Patrick Malahide’s Alleyn.  We’ve been sadly disappointed in this area before – for whatever reason, Agatha Troy seems perpetually unable to accurately or flatteringly draw her sweetie – but the artist (the Paul Davis Studio, from what my image search revealed) did a wonderful job capturing Alleyn’s character and conveying a sort of noir-ish feel.   Being able to see the outline of the woman’s head through Alleyn’s hat is perhaps just a bit distracting to my eyes, but I can go with it.

I also happened across this rather odd use of the same image, heavily cropped, ‘shopped, and having nothing whatsoever to do with Alleyn:

Cover of Erich Maria Remarque book using Alleyn image

Here it’s being used (without permission, I suspect) as the cover image for a Russian edition of the Erich Maria Remarque novel Three Comrades, as far as I can tell from Google Translate.  The protagonist is a German World War I veteran who loses his cynicism and nihilism when he falls in love, even though it’s a doomed romance.  Hmmm.  Well, Alleyn was also a WWI vet…  but I think the connections end there.

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