Random Malahide Picture 13

I found some neat Patrick Malahide pics at the PBS Indian Summers pages.

First up, this nice one which is suitable for desktop wallpaper, it is certainly big enough (click for larger version).


Click for larger version: Patrick Malahide as The Viceroy looking very viceregal. Source: PBS

And this little character bio, which amused me, particularly this bit:  “stout, sturdy military man, Lord Willingdon is the Viceroy of India…”  Stout?  He looks pretty trim to me.  RFodchuk, however, pointed out they probably mean something more along the lines of “stout-hearted” which makes a lot more sense. 🙂

Lord Willingdon and Patrick Malahide bios.  Source: PBS

Lord Willingdon and Patrick Malahide bios. Source: PBS

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