Patrick Malahide on BBC Radio Stoke

It says here that I'm still alive.

It says here that I’m still alive.

More radio time for Patrick Malahide. Yay!!!  He appeared on the James Watt BBC Radio Stoke program (April 20th).  Link here!  He starts around the 24:20 mark to talk about Channel 4 exquisite and excellent series Indian Summers.  BBC will have the archive up for 30 days.

He is on for about 14 minutes, so I hope to do a real transcript at some point.  They also talked a little bit about Game of Thrones. (dun dun dududun dudu dun dun. — Da feem toon  is always in my head and, yes, I picked an opener with Pyke)  Mr. Malahide acknowledged that, for now at least, Balon Greyjoy is still alive in the series.  He didn’t know specifically if he’ll be filming again or what will happen to Balon on the show.  Fingers crossed he does make another appearance because I ♥ Balon sooooo much 😉

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