Patrick Malahide as Lord Glendenning: The Paradise S01E05

Patrick Malahide: Lord Glendenning of The Paradise

Saying he’d be taken for a fool for backing Moray if Moray fails to expand the Paradise.

There wasn’t much time allotted for Lord Glendenning in episode five of The Paradise, but there was a very good scene between Patrick Malahide and Emun Elliott (Moray). The relationship between Katherine Glendenning and Moray didn’t exactly move along much, and it is easy to imagine Lord Glendenning becoming very frustrated with his daughter’s behavior. The question, should the whole relationship end badly (and I’m sure it will), is to what extent he’ll take it out on Moray?

The Perfumed Letter

The episode opens with Katherine perfuming a letter. Lord Glendenning, going down the stairs in a very fetching pair of riding boots and gorgeous jacket, stops the butler who is carrying the letter on a silver tray. He sees who it is too and looks very perturbed but allows the letter to be delivered anyway. At least he gets to vent his frustration with a bit of horseback riding.

Posing in the Street

When we see him again, he is posing in the street like he owns the place. Moray calls out to him and gets immediately grilled about how The Paradise’s expansion is going. The barber, Bradley Burroughs (Arthur Darville), is proving difficult despite a generous offer.

Glendenning’s reponse: “Clearly not generous enough. You have the funds, Moray.  If you are seen to stall it would look like impotence.  Little shops will appear to be ruling the roost. The whole city knows I am backing you; I’ll be taken for a fool.”

Moray reassures him only to be interrupted mid-sentence, “Good.  Because it must.  Take up the loan soon, Moray, or the funds will be withdrawn.”

Not happy to leave it that, Moray tells Lord Glendenning that he has done exactly as instructed and has made no attempt to contact Katherine. (Yeah, but nosy-parker Dudley did in episode four.)  Glendenning informs Moray that Katherine is “no longer enjoying the company of Mr. Adler.”  He looks very downcast at having to give Moray that news.  He goes on let Moray know that it seems he can still win her by leaving her alone, perhaps even more so.   “She will contact you, I dare say. I will leave you to decide…how you must respond.”

And with that he takes off his gorgeous chocolate-brown felt top hat (it is a very flattering topper, btw) and hops in his carriage leaving Moray to ponder stuff.

It is an excellent scene.  Malahide puts a bit of menace in the moment without crossing over into bullying tactics.  You can tell he is still profoundly unhappy about how things went with Katherine and Adler and now the ball is decidedly in Moray’s court.

A Whole Lot of Toying Going On

Back at the Glendenning Estate, Katherine is looking anxiously out the window as she sees a carriage approach.  Eagerly, a little too eagerly, she goes dashing outside only to find dear, old Dad. She doesn’t do a very good job of concealing her disappointment either.

“Yes, I’m afraid it’s your Papa.  Moray isn’t coming, I’m afraid, Katherine.  You’ve toyed with him, and now its his turn to toy with you.  I find it puzzling why you should pursue a man who will have nothing to do with you, and I find it still more baffling why I should let you.”  “Because you can’t stop me!” (kisses him on the cheek and minces back indoors)  “Now, you’re toying with me.”

Hmmmm.  It is a little frustrating seeing Lord Glendenning going back to indulging Katherine after he told her off last week.  I suppose enough time has passed that her brief dalliance with Adler is pretty much forgotten.  I don’t know.

Actually, we here would like to see Lord G. really put Katherine’s nose out of joint.  Perhaps he could begin courting someone not too far from Katherine’s own age.  Just imagine how she would react when she has visions of a top hat wearing stork flying about with a male heir. 😉

Stuff That Doesn’t Involve Lord G.

Burroughs the barber agrees to sell up if he is made partner in The Paradise.  They grudgingly agree because Jonas reckons he can get rid of him if he proves to be a disaster.  He does prove to be a disaster.  The barber immediately makes a pest of himself, wears the world’s ugliest suit, harasses Pauline with unwelcome invites to dog fights and is generally disgusting to all he meets.  Oh, and he threatens to expose the truth about the death of Mrs. Moray.

Finally, he pins Pauline to a wall but little Arthur tries to save her.  The bully barber pushes the boy down the stairs.  Dudley is really upset that his authority is being undermined, but Jonas insists he can take care of the situation.  He does so by getting Burroughs to go to a ‘secret party’ with him in the dead of night.  The hint is that the One-Armed Man killed the barber but I don’t think things like that happen in The Paradise’s world.

Denise has an idea!  She thinks it would be profitable to open ladies wear up to men so they can buy presents for their wives.  Miss Audrey shoots it down only to suggest it to Moray as though it were her own idea.  It gets the go ahead but ends in disaster because the idiots let Clara take part.

Denise then comes up with a different idea to get the scandalized ladies back.  “Ladies After Dark.”  Denise just invented the lingerie party!

Joanna Vanderham: Denise of The Paradise

It’s the Charles Chisholm sign again!! 😀

Katherine, in an attempt to vex Moray, begins visiting the little shops.  She goes Uncle Edmund’s shop which is disappointing as we were hoping to see Charles Chisholm’s establishment (see episode one).  Anyway, Edmund is pleased as punch to make her a dress, but he endangers Denise’s job by guilting her into handling the fitting.  (He doesn’t have a girl to handle fittings?) Katherine ruins everything by later on deciding she doesn’t want the dress.  She offers to pay in full but Edmund insists on completing the dress while giving her a huge lecture on what a miserable, unfeeling, selfish cow she is.  Not that she cares; she just says ‘very well’ and steps out of his depressing, little shop.  Thankfully he does take her money.  I was scared for a while there that he would be a mope and refuse it!!

Oh, and Moray still feels weird about his dallience with Clara.  He goes to a party Katherine is throwing (no papa to be seen) and gets in an argument with her.  She slaps him; he kisses her.  Oh, and he and Denise almost kiss but don’t quite make it.

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