What is Lord G. saying in this picture? “The Paradise”, Reviewed II

PBS has aired another episode of The Paradise on their Masterpiece program.  It has already been reviewed on this blog, so we’re going to have a little fun with a brilliant idea that RFodchuk very cleverly and creatively came up with!    And considering it is October, why not give it a slightly Halloween style vibe?

The evocative screen grab below is from Lord G.’s candlelit dinner party.  Doesn’t he look nice?  It is as though he is regaling his guests with some devilish tales.

Lord Glendenning’s Tales of Mystery, Intrigue, and Terror

Patrick Malahide as Lord Glendenning in The Paradise

“It was a dark and stormy night…..”

Admin:  “…by that time we were pretty much all under her thumb.  She’d somehow taken the lot of us, and we felt oddly compelled to do as she said.  She had a remarkably good complexion for a woman of her age…nice and smooth.  That’s when I noticed all the young milkmaids were going missing.  Well, something had to be done about that.  What was I supposed to put in my tea?”

RF:  “…it was the damnedest thing.  Great, big, black raven perched on the bust of Pallas in my study, and I couldn’t get rid of the thing.  It just sat there croaking ‘Nevermore’.  So I had Simpkins fetch my shotgun…”

Admin: “…full moon, reading a poem, digging a grave, sitting up all night!  I decided then and there that sending a Changeling back was too much fuss.  Besides, I’d grown rather fond of the little brute. I expect the real child was probably happier in Fairyland, anyway!”

RF:  “…we broke into the tomb at last.  Dusty as blazes in there.  The guide immediately went mad… nattering away in his own lingo about ‘curses’ and such, and that we were dooming ourselves to some hellish fate by staying.  Well, I knew that was all rubbish, so I lit a torch and went exploring.  Found a hidden panel in the back wall…”

Admin: “…so I gave his face a jolly good whack with my stick, and I’ll be damned if the whole thing didn’t just fall off into little, waxy pieces.  And to think I thought he was a homely chap to begin with…”

RF:  “…had to stop in this little Romanian village because the driver absolutely refused to go any further.  We finally found an inn, but you know they’re all such a superstitious lot up there.   Just ridiculous, crucifixes all over the walls, garlic all over the place… and they told us not to leave our rooms.  Well, I wasn’t having any of that nonsense, so…”

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