Favouritest Grabs Ever – First Edition

We’ve accumulated a lot of screen grabs of Mr. Malahide’s work on the Appreciation by now and, of course, some have become our favourites.  Fearless Admin and I thought it might be fun to present a few of these grabs and discuss just why it is we find them so appealing, or what’s striking or interesting about them.  So without further ado, here’s the first installment of our Favouritest Grabs Ever.

RF’s Picks:

Jack Turner, looking especially noir-ish in "Hunted"  - Favouritest Grabs Ever

Jack Turner, looking especially noir-ish in “Hunted”

What’s Going On in this Picture?

RF:  It’s from Episode Three, “Hourglass“, of the 2012 series “Hunted“.  Mr. Malahide as crimelord extraordinaire, Jack Turner, is at a four-star hotel to begin bidding for a dam in Pakistan that he wants very badly.  While he’s there, one of his Redshirt security guards mysteriously disappears (not really, he’s been killed by one of the supposed “good guys”) so Jack summons Patrik Lindberg, a hapless Swedish executive who’ll be in charge of running the dam if he wins the bid, to a late night meeting by a lake to shed some light on the situation.  He’s smoking a cigar while waiting for Lindberg to arrive in the picture.

Why is This One a Favourite?

RF:  I had no idea how well this grab turned out until I took a look at it afterwards.  Admin and I have gotten many grabs of Mr. Malahide with smoke wreathing his head as various characters (and he usually looks great in all of them), but this one in particular just looked incredibly fitting for the situation; it’s atmospheric, evocative, and almost seems to be painted.  Jack Turner appears to be straight out of a film noir, combining an air of quiet menace with a sense of “business as usual”.  You get the impression he’s done a lot of these sorts of meetings, and he’s very good at them.

Admin:  Fantastic choice.  He reminds me ever so much of a classic Dick Tracy or The Spirit (many thanks to RFodchuk for introducing me to The Spirit, btw) villain in this view.  There is no doubt whatsoever that he is a very dangerous baddie.  And while we weren’t fans of Hunted‘s subdued color palette, this is one of the few situations where it really worked in  a good way and added to the smokey ambiance.  The one visible eye, the taut yet full lips, the jutting jaw…he just looks so scary, but it’s gorgeous at the same time.

RF:  And I’m glad you liked The Spirit.   😀  True that this was one occasion on which “Hunted’s” predilection for colour-filtering a scene actually worked extremely well, adding to the overall feeling of suspense, as does Jack’s half-lit face.  It’s impossible to tell what he’s thinking or what he might do in the rest of the scene – a moment of tension for us, yet he’s perfectly at ease.

Poor, bedraggled Jingle languishing in the Fleet

Poor, bedraggled Jingle languishing in the Fleet

What’s Going On in this Picture?

RF:  It’s from Episode Ten of 1985’s “The Pickwick Papers“, in which protagonist Samuel Pickwick (Nigel Stock) discovers his old nemesis, charming con man Alfred Jingle (Mr. Malahide), languishing in the Fleet Prison when Pickwick himself is thrown in there for losing a breach of promise of matrimony lawsuit and refusing to pay damages (long story, better read my recap).  This is our first glimpse of Jingle after a lengthy absence, and it’s evident he’s fallen on hard times, to say the least.

Why is This One a Favourite?

RF:  For starters, I didn’t even recognize Mr. Malahide when I first saw this episode!  Then when I did, I was amazed at how incredibly scruffy, bedraggled, and filthy Jingle had become (and how very bearded Mr. Malahide was).  Okay, his clothes were never in the best of shape before, but under normal circumstances he’d never allow himself to reach this state.  Obviously something very shocking and drastic has happened – which Dickens never bothers to explain, darn him! – and we’re seeing the aftermath. This grab is a perfect illustration of how much Jingle has been changed by his experiences.  Where he was once incredibly outgoing, charming, and above all sharply aware, he’s now so subdued and sunk in despair that he’s barely cognizant of his surroundings.  He’s a shell of his former self, stuck in a desperate situation.  You really just want to take him away for a hot meal – perhaps after hosing him off first.

RF:  I also really like this grab for its attention to detail.  Not only does the overall scene almost perfectly mimic one of the original Pickwick illustrations, I can only imagine all the fun the BBC wardrobe people had in staining that shirt almost beyond all recognition, then tearing it into threadbare shreds, along with the rest of Mr. Malahide’s wardrobe.  Attention to detail, indeed.  😉

Admin:  Absolutely, this wonderful production paid close attention to the Phiz illustrations and it shows.  Poor Mr. Jingle!  He looks so utterly broken and lost in the recesses of his own mind.  By this time he is just waiting to die as he sees no other option.  Mr. Jingle is no longer the schemer and born survivor (though thankfully he does survive), but simply a victim passively awaiting a terrible fate with heart wrenching complacency.  Little wonder Mr. Pickwick couldn’t accept seeing his delightful nemesis in such a way.

Admin’s Picks:

Patrick Malahide as Uncle Ebenezer : Kidnapped

My favorite screen grab.

What’s Going On in this Picture?

Admin: This is from Kidnapped.  Patrick Malahide is playing Uncle Ebenezer Balfour. He has attempted to murder his nephew, the heir to the family estate Shaws, by nobbling the stairs, but that failed to kill the boy. So, he’s now attending to his nephew’s wounds while plotting his next cunning plan….selling the lad to pirates.

Why is This One a Favourite?

Admin:  Everything about this grab is spot on.  The lighting is beautiful.  There is a storm going on outside and the lightening highlights his frenzied mind.  The blue-ish tinge enhances his already incredibly blue eyes, adding to the intensity.  You can see his desperation, guilt, fear, and determination mingling together all at once.  It is a perfect moment in a perfect scene.  There is almost a supernatural look to it (you almost expect a poltergeist to start up), but it is all down to lighting and his brilliantly acted madness.

RF:  Ebenezer does seem to be staring into the back of his own skull, looking somewhat shocked at what he finds there.  I completely agree that the lighting enhances Mr. Malahide’s very blue eyes; if nephew Davy had caught a glimpse of him at this moment, he would’ve legged it out of Shaws as fast as he could go.  This is a good illustration of how far Ebenezer is willing to go to keep Shaws and his huge chest of gold all for his very own, although he’s struggling with his impulses.  It’s almost as if the storm outside is pushing him to sell Davy to the pirates.  Also, lightning really shows off his stubble.  😉

Admin:  It does, indeed, and I really like Ebenezer’s stubble. 🙂

Patrick Malahide in the Singing Detective

Mark Binney feeling somewhat confuzzled.

What’s Going On in this Picture?

Admin:  This is from The Singing Detective episode 1, Skin.  Patrick Malahide is playing the pulp fiction character Mark Binney.  He is in a club called Skinskapes and has been rattled pretty badly.  He’s seen an associate’s corpse, noticed two shadowy trenchcoated figures who appear to be watching him, and has now been served champagne by “Sonia”, a Russian beauty who may or may not be interested in some of his nefarious dealings.  He’s also sweating like a stuck pig and has a smear of crimson lipstick on his mouth from where Sonia just kissed him, so he’s not in his usual neat-as-a-pin state. Like I said, he’s rattled. 😉

Why is This One a Favourite?

Admin:  It has a great composition and looks edgy and noir-ish.  You can see right away that whatever is going on involves a combination of sexuality and intrigue.  He is obviously feeling very vulnerable and insecure as he gazes upwards to the (for the time being) more powerful Sonia, but the red lipstick on his pale skin looks absolutely beautiful.  And it really sums up the inner-core of Mark Binney.  Visually, he is an ethereally beautiful man.  And while he can be very dangerous, he also manages to spend a lot of screen time being very frightened indeed.  This gorgeous image of him in a powerless position blends those qualities together perfectly.

RF:  Very true that Binney, who tries to be in control (or likes to think he is) of the situations he’s in is unusually powerless and confused in this scene, perhaps echoing the fact that his originator, Philip Marlow, is equally helpless and feverish in hospital at exactly the same time.  Binney’s so disoriented he doesn’t even realize Sonia’s left some of her lipstick behind.  And as a film noir villain (which he also likes to think he is), he certainly shouldn’t be being played by a couple of clip joint waitresses – but he is.  He looks more like a naïve young man who’s never been in a clip joint before, rather than a super-worldly, intelligent, cynical spy.  But we’re also getting the faintest bit of foreshadowing in this scene of what’s in store for Binney’s life, too.

More grabs to come!  We have lots of favourites to discuss.  🙂

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