Dear Enemy Granada Press Photo

I got this press photo (about 8″ x 10″) of Patrick Malahide and Vanessa Knox-Mawer off Ebay. It was originally a Granada press release. It arrived very quickly from the UK to the US and was well-packed, so I do recommend bigmatchprogrammes for all your vintage press photo needs.


Swooon — Look at that intensity!

From the back it says:

Dear Enemy
Episode One: “The Enemy”
Sunday, November 1, 1981, 3:30pm

In the winter of 1905, Sallie McBride takes up her new post as superintendent of the John Grier Home for Orphans.  But her efforts to cheer up the place are resented and even the medical officer Dr Macrae turns out to be an officer.

Vanessa Knox-Mawer plays Sallie and Patrick Malahide is her ‘enemy’ in Granada’s new seven-part drama serial Dear Enemy, adapted by C P Taylor from the novel by Jean Webster, which begins on the ITV network on Sunday, November 1, at 3:30pm.

Granada's interpretation.

Granada’s interpretation.

You can read more about Dear Enemy on this blog.  I initially wondered why they changed the date to 1905.  I believe it was closer to 1915 in the book.  I expect it might be because the Granada production is (possibly) set in England, so a 1915 setting would have made WWI a factor.  But I don’t know for sure. What I do know is that I’d love to see it.

RFodchuk submitted it to TVShowsOnDVD as a wished for release for people to vote on.  It is a lovely book and I’d love to see Mr. Malahide’s take on Dr. MacRae!

As for the photo, it seems to indicate that it is from the first episode, but I prefer to think it is from a scene in the book when Dr. MacRae and Sallie embrace. He cries, “My God! Sallie, do you think I’m made of iron?” It is a very tense, but romantic moment.

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  2. A Braid says:

    Also love Dear Enemy…the book…would dearly love to see the TV show. I was alive in 1981 but have no memory of ever seeing it. I wish ITV would let it out of the archive for us.

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