Couple of The Paradise Tidbits and Banner Page update

bannersFirst, I’ve added a few new banners. All banners can be seen on the Banner Art page.

From the Sunderland Echo’s webiste:

Among the stars filming on Wearside for the next few weeks is Ben Daniels, who is in the running to be named as the new Doctor Who when it’s announced tomorrow.

The House of Cards actor will be playing new character Tom Weston, an enigmatic former soldier who has married landowner’s daughter Katherine Glendenning, played by Elaine Cassidy.

For the five month shoot, Lambton Castle has been transformed into the show’s eponymous shop while the estate’s Biddick Hall is home to the Glendenning/Westons.

Ahhh. Ben Daniels did not land the Doctor Who role, but Peter Capaldi did so congratulations to Mr. Capaldi !  We know him as the Evil Ambassador in The Secret Agent 😉

While we still don’t know for certain if Mr. Malahide is confirmed for series 2, the article at least seems to hint that he is.  Especially where it says “home to the Glendenning/Westons” (singular/plural).  Fingers are duly crossed that we will get plenty more of Lord Glendenning!

The next article is of particular interest because of the behind the scenes photos.  It is from the Chronicle Live and is well worth a look.  The pictures of the cast in their Victorian togs, holding smart phones, chocolate bars and wearing sunglasses are very funny 🙂  Good news: Uncle Edmund is pictured in a couple of the photos. I really enjoyed his character and was a big fan of the (too) brief time that he and Denise teamed up to run the dress shop together.


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