Site Closure Announcement

I am sorry to say that the Appreciation will be closing January 1, 2022.  There are several reasons for this decision.  Obviously there has been a lack of updates for the past year, and that is a factor.  Also, there is the financial aspect.  However, the most significant reason by far is that I have been finding it increasingly troublesome to keep up with WordPress and various technical changes and updates.  It is that last reason which truly finalized my decision.

So, if there are any photos you would like to save for posterity, you have until the end of the year to do so.

RFodchuk and I still greatly admire Mr. Malahide and will continue to follow his career and post about him on our Facebook group Patrick Malahide Is Inexplicably Underappreciated, please consider joining us there.  It has been loads of fun these past nine years, but like all good things, the Appreciation will come to an end.

RFodchuk:  As Admin said, our time is drawing to a close.  I’ve really enjoyed working on the Appreciation, doing deep dives into Mr. Malahide’s work and collaborating with Admin.  I learned a lot of things in the process.  But unfortunately, the logistics aren’t compatible with continuing, so we’re saying goodbye.  I’ll be very sorry to see the Appreciation go.

We will definitely continue to follow Mr. Malahide’s work and hope that he gets some really good roles in upcoming projects.   We also hope that one day his harder-to-find works surface so we can finally watch them.  Thanks for reading the Appreciation over the years!

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