Something Neat XXIX: “Minder” Production Still

Stumbled across this online, quite by accident:  it’s an amazingly clear production still from the “Minder” episode, “Life in the Fast Food Lane” (reviewed by Admin).  I’m guessing it’s from the scene where Chisholm and Jones show up at Arthur’s car lot to question him about illegal mobile phones and phone stickers, just in time to see the remarkably fluffy-haired, extremely Scottish Ozzie (Peter Capaldi) speeding away.  You could call this “Duelling Trilbies”.  😉  Click for a larger size:

daley jones and chisholm minder production still fast food lane1
Making it even more official, the original information from Thames Television is included as well, attached by an authentically aged piece of Scotch tape:   😉

minder production still information fast food lane2
This was a great, yet completely unexpected find.  I only hope there are more of these wonderfully clear production stills lurking around, waiting to be discovered.

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