Filming Under Way for Indian Summers Series 2

"I bet that Maharaja is behind this."

“I bet that Maharaja is behind this.”

Here is some interesting news on the Indian Summers front.  According to Channel 4, filming is currently underway.  And, of course, Patrick Malahide is reprising his role as Lord Willingdon.

It’s the summer of 1935 – a season where old allegiances will be broken and new ones forged, where unbridled passions and adultery run roughshod over fidelity and where revolution hangs heavy in the air. An assassination attempt on the

"I'm not made entirely of stone." Oooohhh, lethal Puppy-dog Eyes deployed!

Awwwww…look at those eyes. Who would want to hurt him? 

Viceroy, Lord Willingdon (Patrick Malahide), puts Ralph’s (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) future in the balance. The surprise arrival of Lord Hawthorne, played by James Fleet (Four Weddings and a Funeral, The Hollow Crown, The Vicar of Dibley), heralds impending change at the highest levels of the administration. Meanwhile, Cynthia’s (Julie Walters) Royal Simla Club plays host to an important royal guest, the Maharaja Maritpur, played by Art Malik (The Jewel in the Crown, True Lies, The Wolfman), who could make or break Ralph’s political gambles. The Maharaja is accompanied by Sirene, played by Rachel Griffiths (Brothers & Sisters, Six Feet Under, Muriel’s Wedding), his elegant and mysterious Australian mistress who hides a surprising past.


Shamy. Charming counterfeiter.

Intriguing — especially the bolded bits!  And it sounds like Lord Willingdon will be getting some very exciting scenes.  I am also excited about the arrival of Art Malik.  I’m quite fond of him. 🙂  He was one of my early crushes in Jewel in the Crown, so it is really cool that he will be joining the cast of Indian Summers. And he also played one of my favorite guest stars in the excellent episode of Minder, “What Makes Shamy Run?

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