DS Chisholm in the 30 Best TV Detectives & Sleuths

The Daily Telegraph compiled a list of the 30 Best TV Detectives and Sleuths.  DS Chisholm came in #25.  Way to go, Cheerful Charlie…I mean Albert.  I can’t say I totally agree with the entire list.  Sherlock Holmes (!?!), Cadfael, Miss Marple, Det. Supt. Sandra Pullman, and, of course, DCI Roderick Alleyn, are all missing.  But, the inclusion of DS Chisholm makes me so happy.

I am a people policeman.

I am a people policeman.

And he totally deserves it.  His dry, British sense of humour helps make Minder so memorable.  Plus, he had some exquisite scenes with the great George Cole.  His partnership, if you can call it such, with the put-upon DC Jones (Meic Povey) never fails to entertain and amuse. And you can’t forget his rivalry with DS Rycott (Peter Childs) either.

From the article:

America had its hip Eighties Miami cops but in the UK we had plodding old Detective Albert Chisholm (played by the excellent Patrick Malahide, centre), who was never quite quick enough to get the better of old rogue Arthur Daley (George Cole, left). But he did have a nice line in sarcasm. “Arthur, the last time you made an innocent enquiry, you were still waiting for your teeth to come through – so that you could start lying through them!”, he says in one episode.

Only disagreeable bit is the “plodding, old” descriptor.  Chisholm might been “Plod” but he never plodded.  He was all shimmery and stealth, actually.

The photo they used is from Return of the Invincible Man.  That is the one which features the excellent scene of Chisholm getting drunk.  It is a fantastic scene which really describes his frustration with life.  You can’t help but feel sorry for him, really.

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