Wished for Roles 7: The Co-Stars Edition

Whilst this is a Patrick Malahide appreciation site, there are a few other actors who we adore (shocking, I know) and would love to see alongside Mr. Malahide.  So, here they are:

The Wished For Co-Stars

It's 1914 London and Richard Hannay is bored, bored, bored...

Rupert Penry-Jones:  Bored because Patrick Malahide isn’t there.

Admin: Rupert Penry-Jones

What is so special about him?  He often specializes in posh guy roles but always with plenty of nuance and/or vulnerability.  It would be so easy for RPJ to play perfect heroes, but he goes beyond that.  He has a classic, but not outdated, quality about him that enhances his performances.  And he totally gets the importance of actor chemistry.  Watching him work alongside Maxine Peak, or Philip Davis (such a shame Whitechapel was canceled) is a treat because he knows how to connect with a very real warmth.

What sort of project? Well, he has already appeared with Mr. Malahide in The 39 Steps, but I’d like something where they would have a lot more scenes together.  Purely from a costuming standpoint, I’d like something tweedy, if at all possible.  Having dearly loved Patrick Malahide as Mr. Quarles in After the War, I think a return to a boarding school would suit me just fine.  I don’t know if I would prefer them as friendly colleagues or antagonistic foes, though.  I think either situation would do.  I really liked the first episode of After the War (in my opinion, the series flopped dramatically after that) and it was a shame the boarding school only featured in the one episode.  I would love to see something very similar to it but expanded to a full series.   Plus, some of the school boys were Richard Hannay fans, so of course they’d love to have him and his German enemy for teachers. 😉

Hayley Atwell: Her lipstick will withstand everything.

Hayley Atwell: Her lipstick will withstand anything.

AdminHayley Atwell

What is so special about her?  She’s Agent Peggy Carter!  Seriously, though, Hayley Atwell has an old-fashioned glamor with a modern edge.  I really like her Agent Carter character, and even though I’m not  a huge Marvel/SHIELD fan, I am interested in the upcoming Agent Carter series.  I also thought she was great as a WWII era spy in Restless, but anytime she wasn’t on the screen, I sort of felt like it lost some of its energy.   Basically, she carried the heck out of it.

What Sort of Project?Agent Carter, obviously!  Mr. Malahide would make a great mentor, father, and / or friend for our tough but refined agent.  I’m guessing the series will have a trans-Atlantic component with action taking place all over the world, so it would be brilliant if Peggy spent any Whitehall time consulting with a Patrick Malahide character.

JJ Feild

JJ Feild: Mustache and beret aficionado

Admin: JJ Feild

What is so special about him?  He looks just like Tom Hiddleston but is more affordable.  😉  No, he’s more than that.  He is especially good in period drama, but is not limited to any specific era.  I particularly enjoyed him in  The Pale Horse. His character makes a dramatic and sudden transformation, which must have been hard to pull off without seeming cheesy or forced.  But, he did a brilliant job and was highly entertaining.  Because of his performance, it is one of my favorite Marple episodes.

What sort of project?  Well, whatever project it is, I’d really like to see JJ Feild play Mr. Malahide’s son.  But, with one major caveat:  He’d be a beloved son. Mr. Malahide has played fathers of sons in  Like Minds, Brideshead Revisited, Hunted and Game of Thrones but the relationships tend to be strained at best.  Daughters have fared well enough, but sons, oh dear.  But, just imagine him with a JJ Feild son, someone who can actually be a happy, healthy, well-adjusted, and even heroic sort.  Oh, that’s not to say there can’t be any tension, you don’t want to waste the acting talent, but Mr. Malahide still deserves a TV son who isn’t a TheonAgent Carter might be a good choice, though, as JJ Feild played the very dishy James Montgomery Falsworth in Captain America.

RF:  And my choices are…

hugo weaving-the-wolfman small

Hugo Weaving: Facial hair optional.

RF:  Hugo Weaving

What is so special about him?  He’s absolutely amazing in any role he takes on, much like Mr. Malahide himself.  He inhabits the role and makes you forget that he’s playing a character because he becomes that character.  He can play anything across a wide spectrum of genres:  from effects-driven high fantasy like the “Lord of the Rings” and “Hobbit” trilogies, to period dramas like “The Dirtwater Dynasty“, to very small-scale, personal, indie movies like “Healing“.    And like Mr. Malahide, he has a beautiful and very versatile speaking voice.  I would probably be quite happy listening to the two of them reading a phone book, whether they decided to use their Australian accents or not.

agent smith malahide memeWhat sort of project?  I’d be so happy they were starring together that I wouldn’t be too picky, although I think it would be delightful if it was some sort of Victorian drama.  The best thing about “The Wolfman” was Mr. Weaving as Aberline in his lovely Victorian wardrobe, which suited him extremely well, and Mr. Malahide has also proven himself completely at home in that sort of milieu.  We didn’t see nearly enough of him in “The Paradise“, so this would make up for it.  Maybe some work of Dickens, Brontë (any of them), or Trollope that hasn’t been done yet?  Or it could go in a completely different direction and be a Cold War drama, since they’re both extremely good at playing espionage types.

damian lewis

Damian Lewis: The Ginger Ninja

RF:  Damian Lewis

What is so special about him? He can convey an amazing amount of intensity and leashed energy, all with a definite edge, when he so chooses.  He can play a completely reprehensible cad, or the most serious and repressed individual (looking at you, Soames Forsyte!) on the edge of a massive implosion that you could ever imagine, or a straightforward hero (“Band of Brothers“) with equal believability.  He also has a wicked sense of humour at times and doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously.  You just can’t take your eyes off him when he’s on screen.

What sort of project?  Damian Lewis appeared with Mr. Malahide previously in “Friends and Crocodiles” but the two of them didn’t get much screen time together.  It was really a shame because their characters were basically two opposite ends of the spectrum:  Anders (Mr. Malahide) was a more conventional businessman (although even then, he wasn’t that conventional) while Paul (Mr. Lewis) was decidedly unconventional and a maverick.  It would’ve been fascinating to see those two styles playing off of each other, but alas, it was not to be.  Again, I’d be completely happy with whatever sort of story I could get, whether it was Victorian, World War II (Mr. Lewis has had to avoid a bit of typecasting there, but what the heck), or anything else.  Mr. Lewis has been doing a number of Shakespearean productions lately, which would be ideal as well.  Mostly I just love the thought of all of that intensity (from both of them) making it to the screen.  Perhaps one of Mr. Malahide’s characters could have a redheaded son?  😉

And finally…


Ray Stevenson (left) and Kevin McKidd:
Because you can’t have one without the other.

RF:  Ray Stevenson and Kevin McKidd

What is so special about him them?  Yes, I am totally cheating by picking two, but (1) Fearless Admin doesn’t mind, and (2) my rationale is that they should come as a package deal.  It would likely be very expensive in terms of salaries, but who cares?  What’s so special about these two guys is the chemistry they have; they play off of each other and compliment each other’s styles extremely well and have a lovely camaraderie.  And “Rome” showed that they could handle period drama as well as lots of high action and incredible fighting scenes.

What sort of project?  It would probably be too much to ask that McKidd and Stevenson be cast in “Game of Thrones“, but I think they’d be perfect for it – that is, aside from McKidd’s tongue-in-cheek comments about how “Game of Thrones” killed “Rome” (it didn’t and he seems to know that perfectly well, but people fail to realize he’s kidding!).  Anyway, lots of “Rome” alumni have ended up in “Game of Thrones” already and I could easily see these two as Greyjoy brothers or some sort of relations, or perhaps captains in Balon’s fleet.  They’d certainly be able to handle the swordplay and would wear the costumes as if they were born to them.  Or we could go in the other direction and have a Roman drama, with McKidd and Stevenson as soldiers again and Mr. Malahide as a patrician – at least a senator or a consul.  I’m sure he’d look wonderful in a toga.  😉

*Thanks to Admin for the meme inspiration!  🙂

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