It’s a Meme! 67 – Anniversary Edition

Admin: Happy Anniversary from the Appreciation.  It has been nine years now!

RF:   Happy ninth blogiversary to us!  The time has just flown by.


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1 Response to It’s a Meme! 67 – Anniversary Edition

  1. Sandy G says:

    Congratulations on nine years – long may you continue!
    I found you a couple of months ago and I am steadily working through your archive. It was a delight to find others who appreciate Mr Malahide as much as I do, sadly he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves.
    I don’t know if you can access it where you are, but YouTube here in the UK has a delightful behind the scenes home cine-film of the making of the Inspector Alleyn episode Hand in Glove. It is thirty eight minutes long, showing the rigging up of the sewer pipe scene and some candid moments around the village. It is titled “The making of Inspector Alleyn Mysteries No6 (SO2EO2) Hand in Glove” and uploaded by dnotley. I hope you are able to view it, it makes a lovely companion piece to that episode.
    Speaking of Inspector Alleyn, who is currently having a rerun on the Drama channel, will you be reviewing Scales of Justice to complete the set on your site?

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