“That’s a Wrap” Mortal Engines Filming Update & Speculation

Will he play Crome? Source: Mortal Engines Wiki

Warning:  Character links contain spoilers so click with caution.

Stuff.co.nz is reporting that “Mortal Engines” has finished filming and is ready for post-production.   So far there hasn’t been any confirmation as to who Patrick Malahide will be playing.  But, I have read the book and think Magnus Crome, the Lord Mayor of London, is a very likely candidate.

Crome is described in the book as tall and thin with intense blue eyes, “skinny as a crow and twice as gloomy”.  OK, that last part doesn’t sound too flattering, but I think Mr. Malahide would make a great Magnus.  And hey, he’s had prior experience playing wildly intense guys called Magnus, hasn’t he?

I’m also happy to say that one of my “Wished for Co-Stars” is also in “Mortal Engines” (along with RFodchuk‘s choice of Hugo Weaving)  in the form of Joel Tobeck who will be playing Bürgermeister.  Actually, when I was reading the book, I thought Mr. Tobeck would be either Chrysler Peavy (one of my favorite characters) or the horrific Shrike.  I was wrong on both counts, but hopefully I’m a better judge on Mr. Malahide’s role.  🙂

Patrick Malahide, the best choice for mad men named Magnus.

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