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Patrick Malahide has a new project coming up!  Fearless Admin discovered that he’s been cast in the film version of “Mortal Engines” (be forewarned, spoilers at that link), the first book of a four-book YA series by Philip ReeveThe Hollywood Reporter provides a few more details:

Game of Thrones actor Patrick Malahide, Arrow actor Colin Salmon and Rege-Jean Page (Roots) have joined the cast of Mortal Engines, the Peter Jackson-produced adaptation of the YA book series by Philip Reeve.


Robert Sheehan (Misfits) leads a cast of rising actors (such as Hera Hilmar with Hugo Weaving and Stephen Lang thrown in for good measure). The story is set in a future world devastated ecologically and technologically, where certain cities such as London are run by engines and move about Earth, giving them the ability to prey on other smaller towns for resources.

The plot centers on a teen named Tom Natsworthy who, along with a young woman from a territory known as the Outlands, uncovers a mystery that could change the world order.

What a steampunk Hugo Weaving could look like

What a steampunk Hugo Weaving could look like

We still don’t have any information about who is playing what just yet, but the premise sounds fascinating.  There’s a steampunk environment with cities roaming the Earth (I’m picturing lots of clanking, turning cogs and gears, and perhaps mechanical Baba Yaga legs), and best of all… I’m absolutely delighted that one of my fondest “Wished For Co-Stars” wishes is coming true: Mr. Malahide will be co-starring with Hugo Weaving!  Eeeeeeee!! (Yes, I actually did squee when I read it.)  Admin and I have long thought that Mr. Malahide would be great in a steampunk setting, and we’re already hoping he and Mr. Weaving get lots of scenes together.  😉

He could be a steampunk scientist, couldn't he?

He could be a steampunk scientist, couldn’t he?

The film is being produced by Peter Jackson of “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” fame and directed by Christian Rivers (visual effects director for the 2005 “King Kong” remake under Jackson’s auspices), which suggests that it’s likely to be a big, sprawling epic rich with effects and world-building.  Presumably the production company is hoping sequels will follow from the other novels, so depending on their characters’ fates in the first book, Mr. Malahide and Mr. Weaving could be very busy for a while.  Production is already underway in New Zealand, with the film scheduled for release on December 14, 2018 (according to Heroic Hollywood).  We can hardly wait!  🙂

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