From the Dusty Archives: Our Latest Discovery!

Fearless Admin and I have been researching many things Victoriana, and we recently happened upon this rare document, tucked away on some extremely dusty shelves in a library that seems to have mysteriously vanished since we visited it.  It isn’t a newspaper I’ve ever heard of before and we’re not quite sure where it came from or how many were published, but we do have to admit the material looks fascinating…

Admin:  It is simply astonishing how little information there is on Mr. Conrad Jessup.  Most leads appear to go nowhere. Finally, we found some actual proof of the mysterious man’s existence!

Oh, and PBS concluded their airing of series one of The Paradise.  Here are the recap links for (BBC speed) episodes 6, 7, and 8.

skeptical inquisitor two page teaser
Click the image or this link to view!

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