Wished for Roles: A Vampire!

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Wished for Roles

Wished for roles is where we will discuss the sort of dream roles we’d love to see Patrick Malahide in.  They might be about very specific characters of fiction or maybe something a little more vague.  We might also combine it with a fun gallery, such as above 🙂

Patrick Malahide: A Vampire?

I found an intriguing blog post praising Patrick Malahide’s performance as Balon Greyjoy. The site is called Musings of the Cosmic Calamari.  The quote which really caught my eye is:

Malahide is truly phenomenal as the bitter Balon Greyjoy, spitting angrily on everyone and everything like a vampire turned too late in life to get anything but frustration out of the deal.

I don’t know if that sort of story has been done before or not, but it sounds terribly intriguing to me.  It adds a dimension to the psychology of the vampire that I have not personally read or seen.   Of course, the whole ‘forever young’ routine has kind of been done to death when it comes to vampire stories.  I won’t even get into the latest trend of sparkling, sunny vampires who never leave high school!  But an older vampire?  Well, that could be interesting.

First of all, who would turn him?  I could see a family member doing such a thing.  A child or grandchild who didn’t want to be apart from someone they have always loved and depended upon.  How would an older vampire react?  Would he be frustrated (as Cosmic Calamari thinks he might be) or would he be fiendishly delighted?  Perhaps a bit of both?

Either way, I could absolutely see Patrick Malahide in such a role.  He has the intensity for it.  He definitely has the eyes for it!!  I don’t think he would have any trouble mind rolling any victim whatever his pre-vampiric age might have been.

Mr. Malahide hasn’t really done a lot of horror, although he has narrated some horror tales and does a simply exquisite job of it.  Sue Arnold, writing for The Guardian wrote this of Malahide’s narration style:

I’d forgotten how scary Poe is – or is it just the way that Patrick Malahide sounds as if he’s licking bloody vampire fangs when, in “The Masque of the Red Death”, he describes the ghastly plague that is decimating Prince Prospero’s land?

Having listened to his version of The Masque of the Red Death (available on iTunes) I can attest to Ms. Arnold’s analysis. His rendition is unbelievable creepy, full of growling terror.

Patrick Malahide would be ideal for a genuinely creepy vampire role.  Something in the truest vein (ha!) of traditional gothic horror!  Something Victorian (always preferable, in my opinion) with crypts, cobwebs, lots of dust, biting of necks, and absolutely, positively NO sparkling!

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