Something Neat IX: Stock Photography with a Hamlet reminder

There are stock photography sites which have excellent Patrick Malahide pictures.  While they don’t have much use for fan purposes, they are watermarked and intended to be purchased for journalistic news & magazine articles, they are still plenty of fun to study.  These images give you a really good idea of the wide variety of film, stage, and television work Mr. Malahide has contributed to over the years. 


Rex Features:  My favorite one is first.  Rex Features easily has the best and most comprehensive number of images.  They presently have 79 of Patrick Malahide.

The screen grab to the left shows some particularly intriguing ones of him in The News at Twelve.  I would love to know why he is in a school boy uniform messing around with a bike and, presumably, making ‘vroom-vroom’  motor sounds.  I suppose it is a scene of him remembering his days as a student.  It is certainly a series I would like to be able to see.

TopFoto: This site has some gorgeous pictures of his stage performances in Hamlet and Embers.  The one that I really am interested in (and is shown on the left) is the one of him clinging to the floor boards.  It was taken during a photo call for  Map of the Heart, at the Globe Theatre, London in April of 1991.

Back to Embers, The Independent newspaper has an interview with Jeremy Irons and Patrick Malahide which mentions that Mr. Malahide worked with Mr. Irons’s wife, Sinead Cusack, in a “West End play, Map of the Heart, about betrayal and adultery.”


ArenaPal: This one mostly has stage production images.  With the exception of Hinterland, most of them have already been seen.

But, I think the black and white Hamlet rehearsal photographs are very nice. And, if you would like to get a lovely, non-watermarked look at some of those photos, you can go to the National Theatre website and look at the production and rehearsal stills, find out if you are lucky enough to live close to a cinema which will be airing the production,  and download a spiffy PDF Hamlet programme which also has some of those gorgeous black & white rehearsal stills.

TipsImages: This is an Italian site.  There are the usual Hamlet production photos, but there are also some images from films such as Comfort and Joy, A Man of No Importance (ahhh, which I especially enjoyed), Two Deaths (uh-oh, I haven’t seen this one)A Month in the Country (another particularly excellent film) and December Bride.

I did notice some of the photos are mislabeled, specifically Two Deaths and Hinterland, which is a shame, but such things happen with databases.

Press Association Images:  More Embers, but I think the really cool one is of  The Game of Thrones costumes, by Michele Clapton, nominated for the 2012-2013 Emmy Award for Outstanding Costume Design where you can get a nice look of Balon Greyjoy’s boots.

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