Something Neat IV: Byre Theatre find and Is Patrick Malahide Scottish?

Talking about Byre Theatre

Talking about Byre Theatre

While trawling the web to see if I could find a little more information on The Standard, I happened upon something very neat.  It is a piece from Scottish paper, The Herald in which David Belcher realizes he had incorrectly identified Mr. Malahide as Scottish.

From the article:

I am indebted to reader Thea Rae for commenting on my recent review of Law & Order: UK, which conferred Scots nationality on actor Patrick Malahide.

Has IMDb got it wrong?”

Alas, no. IMDb is correct. I have got it wrong. Born Patrick Gerald Duggan in the village of Pangbourne, Patrick Malahide is inescapably English.

In mitigation, I’d assumed Malahide was a Scot because he was so convincingly Caledonian in an early TV role, in 1978, in The Standard.

Set in the offices of a fictional Glasgow-based national newspaper, the series cast Malahide as Colin Anderson, frank and fearless news editor of the Scottish Daily Standard.

Malahide’s gruff and dogged hack set a Scottish journalistic standard of truthseeking which may never have existed, or yet be surpassed, but he himself is an Anglo.

Not that this awkward fact will stop me proclaiming Patrick Malahide a Scot, let me tell you. For he sounds like a Scot (when required). He also has a boney munro-bagger’s face and an air of rigorous concentration mixed with faint disgust, like a Calvinist minister contemplating the latest Pope-ish encomium. On top of that, Patrick Malahide is simply too good not to be one of us.

First of all, someone remembers The Standard and it seems I was right when I speculated that Colin would be pretty amazing; “frank and fearless” sound good to me.

Boney munro-bagger” sounds a bit daunting, but it isn’t an insult!  I think it is just a colorful way of saying “fit”.  Finally, Mr. Belcher got in a little clerical reference with the Calvinist minister bit 🙂

Byre Theatre

But, back to Scotland.  In the early 1970s, Patrick Malahide did a lot of work for the Byre Theatre in in St Andrews, Fife, Scotland, as his official website will attest to.  There is a video on YouTube called “The Byre Theatre — Please Keep Your Feet Off the Stage” which has a clip of Mr. Malahide sharing his experience as a director. He slips effortlessly between the Scottish accent and his own voice. He appears around the 10Min-46Sec time mark.


Video, Patrick Malahide appears around the 10:46 mark.

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