Signed Photos :-)

Look what I got in the mail!  How amazing is that?  I am  so thrilled and grateful 🙂  Many, many thanks to Mr. Malahide for his kindness and also to his wonderful webmaster!  It is wonderful to think he is aware of our site 🙂  I am sorry about the angle of the photo, but my camera is prone to glare!

RFodchuk says:
I also received a photo in the mail and would just like to convey a big “Thank you!” to Mr. Malahide and to his site’s administrator.  🙂  We’re extremely pleased and flattered (and somewhat flabbergasted) to know that he knows about our site, and we’ll continue to write our way through his works to the best of our abilities.  And say mostly nice things.  😉

Now, who do we bug about getting stuff remastered to DVD?  😉

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