Patrick Malahide as Robert Ridley, QC in Law & Order: UK

Patrick Malahide as Robert Ridley, QC in Law & Order: UK

Between 2009 and 2010, Patrick Malahide made three appearances on Law & Order: UK as the slimy Queen’s Counsel, Robert “Limbo” Ridley.  The Limbo nickname was given him by members of his own chambers as “there is nothing he won’t stoop to”.  That quality comes to light with his rough treatment of vulnerable witnesses who are seeking justice.

Fortunately for them, we have Senior Crown Prosecutor James Steele (Ben Daniels) who fights for the case of good.  He is often gob-smacked at Ridley’s lack of ethics and doesn’t mind letting him know.  “This place gives me a migraine,” moans Ridley (referring to Steel’s office).  “That will be your conscience gnawing at you, Robert,” replies James.

Smug Snake

Ridley is a genuine smug snake.  He has absolutely no conscience whatsoever.  When asked how he sleeps at night, he merely boasts about his “gorgeous handmade bed” and points out the he “doesn’t have to make do on a CPS salary”.  That was after he had completely and heartlessly brutalized a mother in court who had lost her baby due to his landlord clients’ intimidation tactics.  He is not a good guy.

Again, he is NOT a good guy. But he is an entertaining one.  Ridley’s smug expressions, expensive suits, and snide comments do make him an entertaining foil for the ever diligent, ultra straight laced James Steel.  In fact, I personally find James to border a bit on the sanctimonious.  One could almost root for Ridley, but he really does have wretchedly guilty clients so it is best that James secures the victories.  And James usually does…but not always.  In his three appearances, Ridley got one (obviously undeserved) victory.

Ridley’s three appearances are:
Care (S01E01)
Samaritan (S02E01)
Confession (S03E4)




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