Patrick Malahide and My Theatre Matters

Patrick Malahide shows support for My Theatre Matters!

Patrick Malahide shows support for My Theatre Matters!

Here is an interesting website that may be of particular interest to UK residents.  It is My Theatre Matters.  Its purpose is to provide people with the tools and information necessary to let their elected officials know that they support public funding of local theater.  As you can see, there are lot of famous faces involved. Of course, I can’t help but notice many of them have worked with Patrick Malahide from time-to-time 🙂

Here is Mr. Malahide’s quote, explaining his feelings on the importance of properly funding local theatre:

All local Councils are under pressure to make savings, but cutting investment in the arts is a false economy. The arts bring real benefits to local economies which far outweigh the minimal sums invested by local government. Please don’t cut off your nose to spite your face!


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