Wished for Roles 6: Patrick Malahide in “Lewis”

Inspector Lewis Returns

Patrick Malahide in Endeavour

Sir Richard Lovell: Not as friendly as he looks.

Since he has already appeared as Jeremy Boynton in Morse (Driven to Distraction) and Sir Richard Lovell in Endeavour (the pilot film), I think it would be fitting that Patrick Malahide complete the Morse-iverse Trifecta and appear in Lewis.  As luck would have it,  a new series of Lewis has been commissioned.  Hooray for the return of Lewis and Hathaway.  It would be a double hooray if Patrick Malahide were there also.  So, lets make it a Wished for Role.

Whatever Happened to Jeremy Boynton?

Level stare, cool blue eyes

Any excuse to use this picture.

I don’t consider it gimmicky either.  It would be very logical to bring him back as Jeremy Boynton.  Especially since the upcoming series will deal with Lewis coming out of retirement.  Boynton is a connection to Lewis’ past, when he was the young sergeant trying to rein in the seasoned, but overzealous,  Morse.

And how would Boynton be 24 years later? Did his experiences in Driven cause him to look in the mirror and become a better man?  Or would he still be a self-centered cad?  I prefer the first option.  A reformed Boynton would be a very interesting character, especially if he needed Lewis’ help.  It would be a strong callback to Inspector Morse.  My other question would be: Does he still have that steering wheel from the ’56 Monte Carlo Rally winner? 🙂

Oxford Dons and High Ranking Officers

Of course, Mr. Malahide wouldn’t have to reprise Boynton.  He could be an Oxford don who has loads of scenes with Hathaway.  One of the things I love about Lewis is how Hathaway often takes a literary approach to murder, comparing criminal motivation to the passions in great plays and poems.  Episodes such as Wild Justice (Jacobean tragedies) and The Soul of Genius (Carroll’s Hunting of the Snark) combine such themes brilliantly.

What does dear old Dad do in his spare time? Examine skulls, of course. Mr. Ryder: "Back already?" Charles: "Term's over." Mr. Ryder: "So soon?" Nice to know the old man missed him. ;-) Signet ring sighting! :-D

Being suitably donnish.

And Oxford dons come in a variety of styles, from the ambitious, career driven aggressor to the esoteric, eccentric professor who is in love with his chosen discipline.   Either way, a chance to get Patrick Malahide and Laurence Fox on screen together would be lovely.

He wants a solid roadblock so nothing can get through.

Wrong uniform, but you get the picture.

Or he could play a police officer.  Perhaps someone who Chief Superintendent Innocent would have to answer to, or handle with kid gloves.  Basically, I mean a very senior officer who gets to wear a cool uniform. 😉

There are loads of other options, of course.  Personally, I like the return of Boynton, since I would love to know what became of him.  I would be happy with just about any role (except murder victim).  So, I say get Mr. Malahide on Lewis and complete that Oxford triangle!

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