What If Everyone in “The Pickwick Papers” was on Facebook? – Part 3

The action’s heating up in Part 3 of “The Pickwick Papers Pastiche”!  If you need to catch up, Part 1 can be viewed here and Part 2 here, or you can read the S01E03 recap instead.  We finally learn the mysterious Stranger’s name and discover that among his other considerable talents is a gift for fomenting trouble, as the Pickwickians experience the aftereffects of a day of watching cricket under his guidance and Miss Rachel Wardle gains and loses a fiancé only to gain another in record time.  Romance (or a mostly convincing facsimile) is in the air!

The Pickwick Papers Pastiche 3

Sorry about the unsightly ads, those are Wall Machine’s idea.  My deepest apologies to Charles Dickens for appropriating his work as well.  😉  And here we go…

What happens next?  Will Miss Rachel marry the dashing Mr. Jingle?   Will Tracy Tupman’s broken heart ever mend, or failing that, will he ever get his ten pounds back?  Stay tuned for Part 4…

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