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Crumbs! I better get home or I’ll miss “Dear Enemy”!

It is always exciting for fans of older television when “lost” programs are suddenly found again.  Imagine the thrill of looking in an old cupboard and finding some exceedingly rare “Doctor Who” episodes.  Well, the recent discovery of some lost programs, including the first ever  recovered episode of 1962’s “Just William” (starring Minder‘s Dennis Waterman as William) might not be quite in Doctor Who’s league, but it is still pretty cool.  You can read all about the latest discoveries at the British Comedy Guide.

Sandy and Sallie from “Dear Enemy”.  Swooooon!

Anyway, linked in the article is a very interesting database called Kaleidoscope’s Lost UK TV Shows Search Engine.  It basically tells you if a particularly show exists in archive or not.  While they give the disclaimer “Our information is good, but it’s not perfect. There will be mistakes in it, and we know it’s incomplete,” it is still a remarkable tool.  Naturally RFodchuk and I have been searching some of Patrick Malahide’s earlier IMDB credits with it, and fortunately most of them seem to exist.  Hooray!

We’ve discovered that “The Standard” (first episode reviewed here) has one missing episode, “A Fair Exchange”.  That’s a pity, but perhaps there is some hope that the rest of the episodes may someday see the light of day on DVD.

Other shows we’d love to see such as “John Macnab” (based on an excellent book by John Buchan recapped here) ITV Playhouse: “Love-Lies-Bleeding“, and most importantly “Dear Enemy” all seem to exist complete.

Why do I say “most importantly” for “Dear Enemy”?  Well, our blog post on it has gotten quite a few comments from fans eager to see Sallie McBride and Robin “Sandy” MacRae brought to life.  Little wonder.  Anyone who has read the Jean Webster novel has surely fallen in love with those two characters.  And, based on a Granada press photo I got off Ebay, Mr. Malahide and Vanessa Knox-Mawr do them both justice!

So, if there are any older programs that you are curious about and can’t find on DVD or even YouTube ;), take a look at the Lost UK TV Shows Search Engine and see if you at least have reason to hope.

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