Something Neat XXXI: Search for Longitude Promo Photo



I found this lovely photograph at .  It shows Patrick Malahide as John Harrison.  The warm tones are gorgeous and I like how intently he is staring at his scientific instruments which themselves are so beautiful as to be pieces of art.  The photo accompanies a reprint of a Toronto Globe & Mail review of Lost at Sea, the Search for Longitude which I’ve also reviewed here.  I especially like this bit:

Patrick Malahide, who made a name for himself in Dennis Potter’s series The Singing Detective, plays Harrison in scenes that powerfully illustrate the struggle of one man of imagination against the blinkered scientific Establishment. What could have been an awkward series of periwigged vignettes is made vivid by Malahide’s rough-spoken quotes from Harrison’s passionate journals. A man obsessed with accuracy, he had no time for his critics, and his paranoid denunciations are splendid.

 A little angry nostril flare there as we see how ticked off (pun intended) he is, because the Astronomer Royal has seized his time-keepers for "further tests".

Furious the Astronomer Royal seized his time-keepers for “further tests”.

Is it paranoia if they really are trying to nick your clock? 😉  I was also a bit concerned that the monologues would seem weird when I first watched, but they were wonderful.  Patrick Malahide pitches every line perfectly whether it be conversational, scientific, or impassioned, he always gets the tone just right, and his accent is gorgeous.  His performance really draws you in and you’ll find yourself rooting for Harrison all the way.

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