Something Neat XXII: The Reporter by Peter May

The Reporter cover Peter MaySince Fearless Admin and I have been so intrigued by Colin Anderson lately, I’ve done some additional digging and discovered that “The Standard” inspired a tie-in novel called The Reporter by Peter May, writer and co-creator of “The Standard”.   If you look verrrry closely, you can see  Mr. Malahide’s picture featured on the cover.

The book itself is now out-of-print and only available at slightly steep prices, so we’re in the process of tracking down less expensive copies.  Until then, we’ll have to make do with this synopsis from a Peter May site:

The headline screamed the news of the latest in a string of North Sea disasters, this one was unusual only in that nobody had died. The Government claimed they were simply unfortunate ‘accidents’; but to Colin Anderson, investigative reporter for The Standard, the ‘accidents’ turned out to be leads to one of the biggest international sabotage stories of all time – a hell-raising exlusive [sic] that was to endanger not only his life but the life of Janis Sinclair, his attractive young research assistant who’d somehow ingratiated herself into both his work and his feelings.

Ooo, North Sea disasters!  Romance, danger, intrigue, and international sabotage!  Sounds like fun to me.   Are we entirely sure Colin isn’t James Bond?  😉

I’d never heard of Peter May before this, but he apparently had/has a prolific career writing mysteries, screenplays, and many other works.  In addition to “The Standard”, he wrote and co-created the BBC’s Falklands-era RAF drama “Squadron” (1982) , in which Mr. Malahide guest-starred as a character named Lewis Digby.  Like “The Standard”, this series has also become annoyingly hard to find, but I’d still very much like to see it.

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