Something Neat V: Alfie Allen’s and Gemma Whelan’s “Game of Thrones” Interviews

While we’re still being all Balon-y, here are a couple of cool interviews we (Admin and I) happened across while looking for “Game of Thrones” info.  These were pre-“Mhysa“, so at the time, we had no idea that Balon would be making a reappearance in the season finale.  Both Alfie Allen and Gemma Whelan had highly complimentary things to say about working with Patrick Malahide.

First up, Alfie Allen.  His comments on working with Mr. Malahide start at the 6:35 mark:

“Legend” sounds pretty good!  So does “veteran” and “knows what he’s doing” (although we’ve suspected as much all along).  😉  It’s also quite interesting that he made the choice not to get to know Malahide too well; it very much worked in his favour to portray Theon’s alienation from the Greyjoys and from his father in particular, which turned out to be especially relevant in the events immediately preceding “Mhysa”.  It sounds like Allen has an excellent grasp on Theon’s character and how he relates to Yara and Balon.  I’m also glad that he addresses the “women don’t like ‘Game of Thrones’ ” trope – which is completely and utterly ridiculous and I hope it never rears its ugly head again (hmpf!).   It’ll be interesting to see what develops for Theon – dare I say… Reek? – in season 4.  I’ve read the books, so no spoilers here.

Next, Gemma Whelan – her interview is quite a bit more extensive and detailed, and very interesting.  The whole thing is worth watching, but her comments about working with Mr. Malahide start at the 5:25 mark:

“So dry and so funny”, “an old pro” and “oozes charisma” (wow!) while “doing so much and yet so little”, which is something we’ve noticed as well.  🙂  There tends to be a lot going on that’s very subtle, whether it’s gesture, posture, or expression, and it all comes together to create the whole.  And “very, very funny and kind”.  Well, now I’m just envious.  😉

I like her funny comments about her costumes (needing men’s suspenders underneath to hold her heavy leather pants up, and wearing an inconveniently squeaky leather breastplate during a scene) as well as mentioning how detailed and tailored they are.  She seems to understand Yara and her relationships with her brother and father very well; I think she has great chemistry with both Alfie Allen and Patrick Malahide.  I also like that she describes Yara as a very strong character with a desire to prove herself among the Ironborn, a factor that I suspect will become increasingly important in season 4.  Mostly I was very struck by how different Gemma is from Yara – she seems very relaxed, light-hearted, and funny –  but I suppose humour might be a scarce commodity on Pyke these days (or would that be every day?).

They look like a happy family, don’t they?

The family that reaves together...  Theon, Balon, and Yara Greyjoy in "Game of Thrones"

The family that reaves together…

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